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lions rest
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We spent four years in and out of the United States, eating from street food vendors who have probably never even heard of the word "sanitation inspection," ordering from menus in countries where we don't speak the language, and eating pretty much everything under the sun.  On top of that, Amara has been to India and Costa Rica.  We thought we had stomachs of steel.  Or, at least iron.  Or, some other strong metal.

But, apparently four years of travel has nothing on two days at a local Atlanta daycare.  The last two weeks have primarily consisted of one of the three of us groaning and moaning and wondering why the heck I threw out all our Cipro when we returned to the United States.  Ugh.

The only positive side to all this is that, last weekend, we thoroughly disinfected and cleaned our entire house, from top to bottom, because I don't want to see this virus ever again.  And, the thing about cleaning is that once I start cleaning, I keep cleaning.  Which is how I found this video.

I don't know why I never posted this video.  It's all edited, compiled, and ready to go.  I can only assume that I forgot about it in the mammoth digital photography and video files that I've got stored on our backup drive.

I watched it over again and sat back and smiled.  I mean, it's got lions.  And lions cubs!  Really cute lion cubs!  And, a little bit of frisky mating!  And lion cubs!

It's been three years since we've been in Namibia and I'm still in awe that we got to experience this wonderful place.  So, here you go: lions resting (and a little bit of getting it on) at Etosha Reserve in Namibia.