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sprightly irish love
in the connemara

Kylemore Abbey

A little less than five years ago, we spent a week and a half in Ireland, wandering through the cobblestoned small towns and the evergreen scenery.  We spent a day in Donegal, a place that hearkened to the bone-chilling, tempestuous beauty of broken heart.

Then, we spent a day in the Connemara, a place likened best to the warmth of new love.  All the greens and blues of Ireland seemed concentrated in this one place.  In the national park, Patrick and I found a secluded spot in the waving soft grass to snack on wine and dessert.  A creek rushed by us, and mountains swam into the turquoise ocean.  A Connemara pony nuzzled against his mother in the perfect circle below us, and the gentle breezes brought the scent of wild flowers.

Quiet Man bridge

Stone bridge

Tomorrow, in Savannah, Georgia ---- where we are currently chilling --- there will be a huge parade with floats, bagpipers, and plenty of drunken college students rushing the Savannah River but, in our hearts, we remember fondly the beauty and warmth of Ireland.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Tune in on Friday (or maybe tomorrow if I get my act together) for pictures of the 2nd biggest St. Patrick's Day festival in the United States.

* Last week, we ended our Maile Sky Court giveaway with an amazing 127 entries.  I am very, very, very excited to congratulate Stephanie Huston who is going to be spending 5 nights at Waikiki Beach.  Perseverance paid off for her: she tweeted the contest entry every single day since the beginning of the contest!  Congratulations Steph!  If you didn't win this time, don't worry - keep your eye out for our next giveaway coming up in March.