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introducing the road unleashed!

And, now, ladies and gentleman, The Road Forks is proud to welcome its newest little sister . . . .

Drum roll, please . . . . [lights dim and the snare drum thrums]

Lights up . . . .

The.  Road.  Unleashed.

[And the crowd goes wild, men toss their hats in their air, and women clap their begloved hands for the shiny new member of The Road Forks family.]

Chewy and Abby

Chewy and Abby at a park in Atlanta

Yes, my friends, Patrick and I have launched a new blog named The Road Unleashed , focused on our travels with dogs across the United States and Europe.

To be honest, the world probably doesn't need another blog.  But, I do think we need more information about traveling with dogs, especially from real-world canine travelers.  As we started traveling around the United States and planning the transportation to get to Europe, we realized that there aren't a whole lot of people doing what we do.  We scrambled to find information on vaccinations, country requirements, and pet passports in Europe, not to mention the difficulties in finding pet-friendly lodging in the United States and abroad. We look for different things now than when we travel alone: a restaurant should have good food and also a pet-friendly patio; hikes must offer great views and be comfortable for eight paws to manage; and, lodging must welcome dogs.

We want your help in making our journey successful and we want to help others out there who want to travel with their pets, too. At the same time, we didn't want to share those tips on this site because we don't want to dilute our purpose here: to describe incredible food and amazing travel destinations across this world. The Road Forks is all about travel + food; The Road Unleashed is all about travel + dogs.

My plan is to post twice a week (or so), with topics focused on:

  • Sit/Tips and Tricks: Suggestions for how to travel with pets, including visas, vaccination issues, helpful gear and useful websites
  • Heel/Places: Straight-up reviews of pet-friendly cities, restaurants, hotels, parks, and attractions.
  • Wag/Inspiration: Stories from other pet-loving travelers
  • Look/Candid Canine:  Photography of our favorite traveling pups and other pups on the road.

We would love if you would hop on over and check out our new site , subscribe to The Road Unleashed's RSS feed , or join our new Unleashed facebook fan page .