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mabel francis potter's cupcake emporium
in savannah

Orange blossom cupcake

Orange blossom cupcake

Mabel Francis Potter's Cupcake Emporium in Savannah is delightfully evil.

Cupcakes at Cupcake Emporium SavannahCupcakes at Cupcake Emporium

The delightful part is easy to explain: gorgeous colors, frosting that is sweet but not too much so, a decadently moist cake, daily changing flavors, a location immediately across from one of Savannah's most lovely squares, and a quirky, tattooed waitress who made us laugh every time we went in there.   And, their cupcakes are only $2.50 each . . . much better than the $4.00 cupcakes they sell in most big cities.

Cookie cupcakesCookie cupcakes

The cupcakes are evil, though.  Do not be put off by the lovely swirls of frosting and the cake that looks as moist as it tastes.  And, if you're thinking that these soft delicious cookie-cakes are less evil, think again.  

I am addicted to these things.  I walked the 1.7 miles to the Cupcake Emporium . . . and forced Patrick to join me (okay, maybe it didn't take too much to force him) . . . . four times in a matter of a seven days.

Cupcakes at Cupcake EmporiumDouble chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake and peanut butter cookie-cake

It's been two weeks since I've had one of their cupcakes and I am breaking out into a cold sweat looking at these pictures.  Gargghhhhhh . . . . hear that?  Yeah, it's me drooling all over the keyboard. 

Chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake

Double chocolate chip cookie dough cupcake

This one is the real problem.  You start eating it, thinking it's just a regular old chocolate cupcake, moist but nothing unusual, right?  Then, wham!  Out of nowhere, you get a heaping chunk of wonderful chocolate chip cookie dough stuck in the bottom of the cupcake itself.  Think chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream but in a cupcake . . . goodfreakin'golly.  Who is the evil genius who dreamed this up?

Cupcake Emporium

Apparently, Mabel Francis Potter.  You should go visit her Cupcake Emporium.  You won't be sorry.  The Cupcake Emporium is located at 6 E. State Street, Savannah, Georgia.  I highly recommend visiting before lunch time because their cupcake selection gets quite limited in the late afternoons.

Mabel Francis Potter's Cupcake Emporium on Urbanspoon

04/01/2011 17:47
I love cupcakes! These look delicious!
Laura's recent blog post: My Summer Travel Plans
04/05/2011 16:27
Me too! Patrick says I have a sixth sense for cupcakes --- I can find the nearest cupcake place to wherever we are staying in no time at all.
04/01/2011 22:41
I just came from a big , big meal (I'm telling you this to put things into perspective) and I'm STILL drooling over these photos. cookie cupcakes?! Heaven!
Kyle's recent blog post: Who Are You Part II
04/05/2011 16:29
Kyle, that's what I intended! Cookie cupcakes are so freakin' ridiculous. Seriously.
04/02/2011 05:26
So now I know not to log on to your posts when I am 1) hungry and 2) broke!!
04/05/2011 16:31
On the broke front, I am at least happy to point out that this place isn't *too* expensive. I can't help you on the hungry part!
04/02/2011 08:19
Yuuuuuuuuuuum! Savannah is only 3 hours away hmmmm...
Andi of My Beautiful Adventures's recent blog post: Profile: Nathan Leigh Jones
04/05/2011 16:51
If you pair it with lunch at Mrs. Wilke's Boarding House, it is totally worth the 3 hour drive. Seriously!
04/02/2011 16:56
I'm really ****ing hungry now.

Thanks. Thanks a lot. :)
Matt | ExpertVagabond's recent blog post: Hitchhiking to Visit a Hermit
04/05/2011 17:03
04/02/2011 18:56
Wow! That looks so old-fashioned and enticing. So southern -- but almost like some places I love in NYC. Yum!
Abby Tegnelia's recent blog post: Weekend in Napa
04/05/2011 17:12
That hits it right on the nail. It was very Southern --- lots of great Southern recipes --- but with the feel of a NY or LA cupcakery (but much cheaper).
04/02/2011 21:10
Wow... I'm starving right now and these look divine! That cookie dough one sounds soooooo good....
Christy @ Technosyncratic's recent blog post: Trapped in the Dark at the Carlsbad Caverns
04/08/2011 09:17
It totally is divine. I mean, that one could be the start of a new cupcake-oriented religion. If you guys make it back around to Savannah, it's definitely worth a stop!
04/03/2011 14:00
First picture had me salivating. Keep walking.
04/08/2011 09:18
If only I could have done that . . . every time I walked by, I had to go in. Should have just kept walking . . . .
04/03/2011 22:05
04/08/2011 09:37
It's the best type, I think.
04/04/2011 02:22
I'm not a fan of sweets but I can never turn down a cupcake.
Erica's recent blog post: Our Non-Itinerary
04/08/2011 09:38
Cupcakes are the gateway drug to all sweets, or at least so I think.
04/05/2011 01:14
Why have I never been to this place before???
Camels & Chocolate's recent blog post: Learning to Love Powder at Keystone
04/08/2011 09:41
I don't know but I highly recommend that you remedy the situation and come on back down to the South!
04/05/2011 03:42
Everywhere I turn at the moment I see cupcakes...Not that I'm complaining! Beautiful...
Abi's recent blog post: Benidorm & A Cultural Awakening
04/08/2011 09:42
Thanks Abi - and I want to know where you're seeing all these cupcakes cause I want to see them, too.
04/06/2011 00:06
We have something similar here in Zurich...drool
Denise 's recent blog post: Spring and Cows are back
04/08/2011 09:43
I have to say that one of the major reasons I'm excited about visiting Switzerland is for the sweets and chocolatiers. Can't wait to try some of the baked goods there!
04/06/2011 10:00
I was just thinking about cupcakes last night but never did i think i would read a post about them this morning. 1.7 miles for some cupcakes they must really be an evil treat. Looks good though!
04/08/2011 09:45
Thanks Kirk! Evil but delicious.
04/06/2011 21:48
OH MY GOD! Yum! We are so there when we visit Savannah next month. Thanks for the great tip.
04/08/2011 09:54
Yay - you're going to love it. And, you're going to love Savannah!
04/07/2011 08:04
I love the idea of walking to the cupcake shop. You burn them off! We've got so lazy with the motorbike here that I'll bike 200 metres round the corner.
04/08/2011 09:58
Well, I wouldn't go so far as to say that we burn them off by walking there but maybe we burn them off a *little* bit.
04/13/2011 15:36
These look great! I wish I had found this place while I was visiting Savannah a couple of years ago, there was just so much to see. Did you find a little shop with butterfly displays, crystals, fossils, etc.? I wish I could remember the name, but its definitely worth a visit.
04/15/2011 15:45
Zack - I don't think we found that shop but there are so many cool little stores in Savannah that we could have passed by it. Hope you had a great time in Savannah!
Akila's recent blog post: weekly photo: random awesomeness
04/26/2011 11:25
These look totally tasty. We have a fantastic cupcake shop in my city too :)
Carly <3 Silicone Bakeware's recent blog post: Easter cupcake nests decorated with Mini Eggs.
09/17/2015 15:52
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