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elizabeth on 37th
upscale in savannah

Elizabeth on 37th

Entrance to Elizabeth on 37th

I hate giving bad reviews to a restaurant who has previously received numerous accolades.  Maybe the kitchen's just having an off day.  Or, maybe the rats in the back room who normally cook up the food have been kicked out by a brutal health inspector.  (Ratatouille reference, anyone?  Anyone?) 

Elizabeth on 37th

View of the house

And, it's especially hard when the restaurant isn't all that bad but neither is it all that good.  It's what we call a "Meh" restaurant.  And, that was our exactly our experience at Elizabeth on 37th.

White bean appetizerBlack eyed pea patty

To be fair, the meal started off with an unexpected bang.  Our black-eyed pea patty came out in a potato chip encrusted ball, salty and crispy on the outside and soft, tender, and creamy inside, with an almost unnecessary tomato relish. 

Roasted shitake mushrooms entree at Elizabeth on 37th

Roasted mushrooms and cauliflower

But, then it all went downhill.  If this picture of roasted shitake and oyster mushrooms with curried cauliflower and black eyed peas looks like a mess, it's because the dish was a mess.  I can only guess that the chef was thinking, "I'll drop some random vegetables into a dish and roast them in the oven together and because these customers are stupid enough to be vegetarian, they'll think this is delicious."  I almost cried tears for the poor oyster mushrooms sacrificed to this travesty of an entree.

Seabass at Elizabeth at 37th

Triggerfish with fried okra and tomatoes

Patrick's local special of triggerfish with fried okra and tomatoes was equally bizarre.  I don't know who does the plating at this restaurant but, seriously . . . . Seriously?  Does that look appetizing to you?  Why would anyone match a tender flaky white fish with deep fried okra?  If they wanted to make this Southern-inspired, they should have used ham-infused collard greens or some tender butter beans on the side. 

Pecan pie

 Pecan almond torte

And, finally, our pecan almond torte fell sadly into the large majority of pecan pies/tarts/tortes that are too sweet and without balance.  All this being said, the service was impeccable and the interior of the restaurant is beautiful.   If it were me, I would head there for an appetizer and a drink and then check out one of Savannah's other fine dining establishments.

Elizabeth On Thirty Seventh on Urbanspoon

08/24/2011 11:49
What a sad waste of pretty mushrooms! I hate when restaurants are a let down like that :(
08/27/2011 09:29
Me too, Faith. It's rough when a supposedly great restaurants winds up not being so great.
Akila's recent blog post: elizabeth on 37th
08/25/2011 11:27
What a shame, but I LOVE your honesty!
Andi of My Beautiful Adventures's recent blog post: Andi’s Pick: Home Hotel
08/27/2011 09:40
Andi, Thanks! It's always hard writing a bad review but sometimes, we have to do it.
Akila's recent blog post: elizabeth on 37th
09/05/2011 14:05
It all looks delicious at least! I don't think I could ever eat triggerfish--after one took a big chunk out of my calf, I just don't think I could eat one and actually enjoy the experience =)
Camels & Chocolate's recent blog post: Castaways on the M/V Explorer
10/26/2012 18:33
Doing research for an upcoming trip to Savannah. Nice to come across a friendly/familiar face on Urbanspoon:) E37 has been suggested to us several times, but the last thing I want to do is drop that amount of cash for "Meh."

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