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doing now: a chandelier



I am ALWAYS behind in my blogging.  I don't know how some travel bloggers manage to keep their blogs directly on track with their travels (super human blogging abilities, I can only presume), but I have been behind on this blog from about our second week into our round-the-world trip.  Recently, I've been blogging about our Africa-in-Focus overland excursion that we finished a solid three months ago and I'm next going to be writing about our awesome South Africa trip, which we began last August, about six months ago.  Yikes.  In any event, I thought that once a month, you might like to see what we are actually doing.

Currently, we are sitting at my parent's house in Salem, Alabama, working full-time, and hanging out with our pups.  On the side, we've been helping my parents redecorate their house because we like doing that sort of thing and we kind of miss the handy-man part of having a house.  We put up this pretty-as-a-princess chandelier last month in their front entryway, which we found at Home Depot for an astonishingly low $70.

Next week, we are back on the road again beginning our road trip through the Southeast . . . which only means that I will be even more behind in my blogging than I already am.

* Each week, we will post one of our favorite photos for that week.  We plan on posting Strange Shots, Candid Canines, One Word Photos, Doing Now, and Poetry in Photography posts throughout the month.

01/21/2011 15:22
Oooh where all are you going in the Southeast? Bummed I don't still live there so we could meet up again =(
Camels & Chocolate's recent blog post: Photo Friday: Mammoth Mountain, California
01/21/2011 16:40
We're sad we won't be able to meet up either! We had so much fun last time. We're going to be in Atlanta for a month, then Savannah for St. Patrick's day (!), Charleston, and Asheville (our very favorite city in the U.S.) for a month and a half. We're excited about seeing more of the South. If y'all are going to be anywhere in that area, let us know. :)
Akila's recent blog post: doing now: a chandelier
01/21/2011 20:38
I love the chandelier photo, so pretty!

I just started a blog about my travels and I'm starting it about 6 months behind so you just made me feel much better! =)
01/22/2011 17:06
Thank you Cat! I think it's a frequent concern of travel bloggers and a good way to start your journey in the blogosphere!
Akila's recent blog post: doing now: a chandelier
01/21/2011 20:49
Love your new look!

I'm with you, I don't know how they do it. I have videos from twenty years ago that need to be edited!

I love the St Patty's Day celebration in Savannah. I entered that post in the Grantourismo competition. If you are in Chattanooga, let me know. Would love to meet up. I'm from Malaysia (did you make it there?) and my husband is from Cambodia, so we have lots to talk about.

01/23/2011 10:18
Thank you! We can't wait to go to Savannah for St. Pat's day - though we lived in Atlanta for 8 years, we never made it down there and are excited that we'll be there for the entire week. Unfortunately, we're not going to make it up to Chattanooga and that area this time around (we were in that area last year) but hopefully next time we'll be able to meet up!
Akila's recent blog post: doing now: a chandelier
01/21/2011 20:59
Oops! Didn't mean to spam. I was trying to set up a gravatar, then return to post the comment. It did not refresh my page. Anyway, how do I get it to link back to my blogpost?
01/23/2011 10:19
No worries, at all! I deleted the duplicate entries and I think it's a bug on our part that your RSS feed isn't being pulled in. Patrick's going to look into it today so hopefully it will be fixed next time you comment at our site. Sorry for the issue!
Akila's recent blog post: doing now: a chandelier
01/22/2011 11:56
I don't understand how you couldn't be behind when traveling. We've also been behind since the first week. I don't know why I feel bad about it, but sometimes I do. There's no reason anyone should care though, it's not as if it's time sensitive material!
mina | sending postcards's recent blog post: churros + chocolate
01/22/2011 17:02
Mina, I think it's sheer Type A guilt creeping in for no particular reason! Then, sometimes we'll meet people who read our blog and they'll say, "Oh, you went to so-and-so, but you haven't blogged about it" and then I'll feel a bit guilty. Kind of silly, huh?
Akila's recent blog post: doing now: a chandelier
01/24/2011 23:07
As you know, I don't blog from the road so it's always after the event. But don't feel too bad, my backlog from the last trip alone will take a year to get through if not more!
Corinne @ Gourmantic's recent blog post: Brasserie Bread Kids Baking Class
01/26/2011 09:35
Ah, so we are all in the same boat, then! That does make me feel better. :)
Akila's recent blog post: meyer lemon budino
02/08/2011 10:44
I love chandeliers. I'm obsessed with getting like 10 for my new apartment. Even if it looks dumb, I don't care :)

It's nice to blog from the comfort of a secure internet connection and your parents own home isn't it?!
Kyle's recent blog post: Travels In Coyhaique
02/15/2011 16:31
I totally get it! I've convinced my parents to put in so many chandeliers. I LOVE them. They just create that bit of glitz that I think every house needs.
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